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Waiting on the World to Change | Song Around The World

About this Video

Playing For Change has partnered with COP28, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, to bring together talents and voices from diverse corners of the globe, in the awe-inspiring Song Around The World, "Waiting on the World to Change." This remarkable musical endeavor aims to champion the causes of climate change and humanity, fostering a sense of global unity and encouraging action for a better future.

"Waiting on the World to Change” Song Around The World, is a poignant anthem, featuring 100 musicians and dancers from 18 countries, collaborating to shine a spotlight on the critical issue of climate change and inspire individuals, communities, and leaders to take meaningful steps towards a sustainable future, while emphasizing the importance of humanity and coming together to support one another.

“The time is now; to unite as a human race. Together we can change the world.”— Mark Johnson (Playing For Change Co-Founder)

Written by John Mayer

Acácio Barbosa- Portuguese Guitar
Alana Alberg- Bass
Amaan Choir- Vocals
Arqam- Vocals
Baaba Maal- Vocals
Baboulaye Sissokho- Kora
Domou Grand Dakar- Dancers
Gema 4- Vocals
Gwendolyne Gudiño- Jarana
Hiro Hayashida- Drums
Isaan Dance Group- Dancers
Jas Ahluwalia- Tablas
Jason Tamba- Guitar
Jie Ma- Pipa
John Ryan- Vocals
Julian Mojica- Accordion
Kamaljeet Ahluwalia- Santoor
Kátsica Mayoral- Percussion
Macarena Montesinos- Cello
Manuel Perez Salinas- Güiro
Paulo Heman- Percussion
Phill Bitencourt- Guitar
Orpheus Choir- Vocals
Soul de Brasileiro- Vocals
Titi Tsira- Vocals
Tula Ben Ari- Vocals
Twanguero- Guitar
Yamane El Hage- Vocals

Special thank you to The Fridge Entertainment for their artist support in the United Arab Emirates and Rebal Alkhodari and Eduardo Serrano for their support with the Amaan Choir in Jordan and Orpheus Choir in Germany.

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