Yamane Portrait

Yamane El Hage

Beirut, Lebanon

Yamane El-Hage, born in 1996 in Beirut, is a Lebanese multi-musician, singer, composer and producer born into a family of artists: her mother and aunts are all reputable singers in Lebanon (the Tomb sisters), her paternal grandparents were both musicians, and her maternal grandparents were singers and painters. She started a musical career at the early age of five when she entered the Conservatory of Music to learn the violin and joined a children's choir at the same time. She studied violin for several years before learning the piano and the guitar at the respective ages of 12 and 15. Reaching college, she started studying medicine for four years before ceasing to do so in order to pursue what she most aspires for: music. While she was still studying medicine, Yamane found an escape through music production, in which she invested the majority of her time by building her own music studio and taking several production courses. She then finally dropped out but nonetheless went on to double-major in a master's degree in Food Safety and a Bachelor's in Jazz Music.

In 2019, while she was double-majoring, she participated in the international reality contest "The Voice” in which she reached the semi-finals, standing out as the first English-singing contestant to reach this stage in an Arab-singing competition. As soon as she obtained her double diplomas, El-Hage moved to Dubai in 2021 to take off as a full-time musician. In less than a year, she was able to perform for top brands, including GUCCI, Chanel, L'Oréal, Hyundai, and participated in the most reputable festivals, including Expo City.

In 2023, she finally stepped into the original music world, with the release of her first single “90’s Kid,” which has gathered more than one million views on YouTube and over 80k streams on Anghami. Yamane’s musical persona can be characterized by her ability to authentically touch down on subjects ranging from light and upbeat, to heartfelt and profound. Her vocals translate this duality with a range that can both fill the room and give you chills with her emotional vulnerability.

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