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Hiro Hayashida became an active member of the internationally-renowned taiko drum group, KODO. For seven years from 1985, Hayashida performed on more than 800 stages all over the world. He decided to become a solo player in 1991. He was invited to play at various international events such as the WTO Show in Singapore, Japan Week ‘97 in the Netherlands, Expo 2000 in Hanover, the closing ceremony of the FIFA World Cup in France, 50th Anniversary Concert of Doudou N’Diaye Rose UNESCO’s World Heritage and a leading African percussionist in Senegal. 

In 2004, Hayashida alongside his produced group “Samurai Music ZI-PANG” performed at the the Japanese Academy Awards. His activities in the U.S started in 2008, when he performed in the music video “Princess Of China” by Coldplay featuring Rihanna.

Hayashida is the lead player for the Katsugi Okedaiko style, a unique shouldering taiko. Also being the best and a pioneer player of the instrument, Hayashida has unique technique that no one can easily follow. As a solo taiko drummer, a composer and a producer, he is the only taiko drummer who will continue to be a big influence on the taiko world and community. Winning the Saitama Global Award in 2019, Hiro Hayashida’s skills were recognized through the positive evaluation of his overseas work, and actively challenging the world of culture and art in Saitama. He is still a current active Saitama Goodwill Ambassador.

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