Gwendolyne Gudiño Mendoza

Santiago Tuxtla Veracruz , México

Born in Santiago Tuxtla Veracruz, where surrounded by the popular music of her hometown, Gwendolyne Gudiño Mendoza acquired the poetry and sounds that this music has kept for hundreds of years.

At the age of 18, she migrated to Baja California Sur and in a need to express herself, she returned to her traditional music and since then son Jarocho has accompanied her daily life. She plays jarana (a traditional instrument from Veracruz) and now learning Leona but she also loves singing and consider herself autodidact.

She was part of Voz de Tierra project in La Paz making music with talented women.

She loves being a street musician and has learned and shared music with important masters of her culture, as well meeting and playing with very talented musicians from all around the world.

Her belief is: "Take care of music and music will take care of you."

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