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Redemption Song feat. Stephen Marley | Song Around The World

About this Video

This video is a version of "Redemption Song" performed around the world in honor of Bob Marley's birthday. We have reunited Bob with his son Stephen and the support of the entire planet. In this song, there is a feeling of rising above the past and moving forward with love in our hearts and hope in our eyes.

Written by: Bob Marley

Stephen Marley: Vocals
Hiromitsu Agatsuma: Shamisen
Mermans Mosengo: Vocals
Jason Tamba: Vocals & acoustic guitar
Simone Luti: Electric Bass
Roberto Luti: Resonator steel guitar
Stephen Marley: Vocals
Courtney “Bam” Diedrick: Drums
A.S. Ram: Harmonium
Bob Marley: Vocals
Venkat: Tablas
Saindhavi: Vocals
Ilo Ferreira: Vocals
Niño Josele: Acoustic guitar
Kamalakar: Flute

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