Simone Luti Portrait

Simone Luti


"I was born in Livorno, Italy, and I started playing bass, my first and only instrument of choice, at 13. I formed a band with my brother Roberto Luti and we grew up happy and joyful thanks to the common passion for music. Thanks to the music I've been in a lot of places in Europe and the USA, met a lot of different people and, overall, I discovered a huge range of emotions that only music can give. I like to play a lot of different music genres, in different styles because to me playing an instrument means to communicate and I want to be able to have the chance to communicate widely. I played blues, funk, reggae, metal, drum&bass and acoustic folk stuff. But to me doesn't matter what I play, the only thing that matters is to feel something, could be happiness or sadness, joy or sorrow, and to turn those emotions into notes."

How we met:

"I had the chance to met you guys in my hometown during the summer of 2010, thanks to my little brother Roberto, who is one of the most important inspirations to me, about music and kindness.

I had a wonderful week with you, sharing so many points with you about music, life, and peace. I am honored to be a little part of the PFC project for three reasons: I'm part of a worldwide family of musicians and people which I admire, I had the chance to meet Enzo, Mark, and Jonathan and I played with my little brother on a song that is a masterpiece of emotions.

One love from the Mediterranean Sea."

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