Loved this and I wanted to dance around the kitchen, but I am the dinner chef and I did trust me to come back to the stove in time to save the meal. hahaha fabulous!



If this doesn’t put a geddy -ë-a-UP!! In your step... well....😊

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King Clave | Planet Drum ft. Mickey Hart | Song Around The World

About this Video

This special Planet Drum Song Around The World, created for the UN General Assembly and partnership, features the legendary Grateful Dead drummer, Mickey Hart along with extraordinary percussionists Zakir Hussain, Sikiru Adepoju, Giovanni Hidalgo and traditional drummers and dancers from around the globe.

The two-time Grammy Award-winning group, Planet Drum, is a global percussion ensemble bringing together the world’s greatest rhythm masters into a one-of-a-kind supergroup, and “King Clave” is the centerpiece from their upcoming album In the Groove that highlights Planet Drum’s inspiring message of unity through music and the global community.

Download/Stream Planet Drum's "In the Groove" album at https://fanlink.to/king-clave

Through the rhythms of this song, hearts are connected, and differences disappear, illuminating how deeply humanity is interconnected and revealing the truth of the adage: WE ARE ONE.

Derrick Suwaima Davis: Dancer
Divine Leader: Dancers
Fazal Qureshi & Students of Allarakha Institute of Tabla: Tabla Drum Group
Giovanni Hidalgo: Congas
Kofi & Charity: Dancers
Mañengue Hidalgo: Congas
Mickey Hart: Percussion
Noel Rosado: Drum Sticks/Percussion
Raul Maldonado: Güiro
Sikiru Adepoju: Talking Drum
Taal Mantra Mumba Dhol: Dhol Tasha
Taufiq Qureshi’s Mumbai Stamp: Drum Group
Zakir Hussain: Tabla

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