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Clandestino | Song Around The World

About this Video

"Clandestino" is a song of the people and this video represents the hearts and spirits of all those in search of a better world. This Playing For Change version began with an Oud master in Morocco and gypsies in Budapest and then we layered bass, percussion, strings and vocals from Manu Chao and friends until it formed into a Global Roots Reggae-Latin Jam around the world. United people will find their way and music is our guide.

Written By: Manu Chao

Said Chraibi: Oud
Mazsi: Acoustic guitar
Cheikh Gueye: Djembe
Canek Gonzalez: Vocals
Venkat: Maracas
Adrian Buono: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Darius Bruce: Drums
Omar Jaramillo: Acoustic guitar
Richy Ibarra: Acoustic guitar
Papa Orbe Ortiz: Electric bass
Reinaldo Elosegui: Vocals
Washboard Chaz: Washboard
Manu Chao: Vocals and acoustic guitar
David Hidalgo: Cavaquinho
Dina El Wedidi: Duff
Jorge Luiz Germano: Pandeiro
Damien "Bam Bam" Cherbit: Acoustic guitar
Mendelssohn Chamber Players: Strings
Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan: Violín
Novi Sad String Trio: Strings
Kiran Nepali: Sarangi
Federico Siksnys: Bandoneon

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