Reinaldo elosegui portrait

Reinaldo Elosegui

Havana, Cuba

Reinaldo Elosegui Oviedo is from Havana, Cuba, where he started his musical carrier as a vocalist during the 80's playing with several orchestras and performing regularly on television with Los Yakos. Reinaldo has also performed with artists such as Omara Portuondo and Cachao and traveled to Mexico and Europe to perform on several occasions. Reinaldo, aka"el loco de la salsa", has been living in Barcelona for over 10 years and has been playing in streets, bars and festivals demonstrating outstanding talent, a beautiful voice and captivating stage presence.

How we met:

We met Reinaldo in Barcelona by the time he was performing with Batukeros de la calle (a band formed by Pierre Minetti), at La Boqueria Market near Las Ramblas. We then decided to add him to the recording of Guantanamera and Clandestino, in which he performs a vocal duet with Manu Chao.

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