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Adrian Buono was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of 10 he started studying music and guitar at Colegio Musicum. In 1983 he entered the conservatory of Buenos Aires Manuel de Falla. During the following years he played in several school bands until 1986, when he formed his first rock group, Los Rockosos, whose classic rock and roll songs were played on radio stations throughout Buenos Aires.

In 1987 he sought to expand his musical education at School of Music, Universidad Catolica Argentina. He moved to Chicago in 1990, where he became a member of the flamenco pop band Spanish Fly. Adrian returned to Buenos Aires in 1993 to play in the bands Rene Lagarto and The Strikers, which toured all over Argentina and the rest of South America. In 1997, along with his twin brother Enzo, he formed Japisandey which also had a great amount of success in the local music scene.

In 1999, Adrian formed Los Pinguos in Buenos Aires. A year later, he moved with his band to Los Angeles to pursue a career as lead singer and guitarist of the band.

Adrian now leads the band Regardel, based in Los Angeles, that fuses Reggae with classic Tango tunes.

How we met:

Adrian Buono’s band, Los Pinguos, was one of the very first bands recorded by Playing For Change, featured on the Documentary film “Playing For Change: A Cinematic Discovery of Street Music.”

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