Seeds of Change: Adapting to an Uncertain Future

by William Aura

In the heart of Thailand, record-breaking heat, scarce rain, and shifting weather patterns have gripped the Isaan people of Ban Kung village. Families who once toiled on fertile farmlands now face an uncertain future as climate change knocks on their doors.

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Thailand has already experienced its share of scorching heat. This past April, the city of Tak saw the mercury soaring to a record-breaking 45.5 degrees Celsius (114°). During the same month, the heat index soared to an astonishing 53.9 Celsius (129°) in Chonburi province and the popular tourist island of Phuket.

The profound impact of these conditions reach into the lives of ordinary people. Crops at risk include rice, corn, and sugar cane, which are not only staples for Isaan villagers but also essential for feeding the farm animals. Impoverished households, already struggling, may find it challenging to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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In the face of adversity, Mai Wilachai, a seasoned rice farmer and major Playing For Change fan, stands as a symbol of strength and resilience in her village. As the director of Ban Kung Learning Center, proudly sponsored by the Asha Foundation For Humanity, she dedicates her weekends to teaching English, art, dance, and Muay Thai to disadvantaged youth in the village.

Mai's multi-generational farming experience is proving invaluable in tackling today's challenges. Her deep gratitude extends to COP and Playing For Change, for their dedicated efforts to benefit the planet and its people.

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COP and Playing For Change: Uniting for a Greener World

The Conference of the Parties (COP) is not just a summit; it's a collective promise to our planet. It's where nations convene to address climate change, set ambitious goals, and work towards a sustainable future. It's a reminder that when we unite, we have the potential to create lasting change and protect the world for future generations.

Help us to be part of the change! Learn more at https://www.cop28.com/

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