Uniting Through Music: The Profound Message of the Playing For Change Band


PFC REWIND 2015 by William Aura

Having graced the Australian scene for over three decades, the Byron Bay Bluesfest has emerged as a musical beacon, consistently unifying people through the power of music. When the Playing For Change Band took center stage that year, they sparked a profound radiance, touching the hearts of all.

Happy Times at Byron Bay | Behind The Scenes

The festival itself, a time-honored tradition, exemplified the essence of unity and the sheer joy of a shared experience. This manifestation of music was more than entertainment; it was a spiritual transmission that reverberated throughout those in attendance.

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Backed by the admirable efforts of Maurie and Vivien Stang of the Asha Foundation For Humanity and dedicated long-time supporters of Playing For Change, a remarkable PFC booth was created as a sanctuary of purpose during the festivities. This labor of love was aided tirelessly by longtime PFC ambassador Yvonne Reznik and compassionate members of the Stang family. The location immediately became a nexus of awareness and participation. At times, the response from the impassioned fans crowding the booth was nothing short of overwhelming.


Grandpa Elliot’s fans, drawn by his irresistible charm, were met with performances that emanated from the very depths of his being. For me, it was his ethereal presence that formed the emotional epicenter of this gathering. Among the green room's intimate exchanges, true camaraderie unfolded.

PFC Behind The Movement - Like a Second Home

Have you seen this footage of Grandpa singing a PFC songs medley? This exclusive member footage of the PFC Band singing on the bus, was taken while the band was on their way to the Byron Bay Bluesfest in Australia!

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On Easter Day, 16 of us were chatting on the bus from the hotel to the gig. Riding in the front seat, a reflective Grandpa began to sing, and the bus fell silent. With every breath, this beautiful man delivered an utterly mesmerizing, soulful rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’. The bus was silent long after the song had finished. You had to be there.

Beyond the stage and performances, what truly set this experience apart was the opportunity to connect with the Playing For Change team—a remarkable ensemble of artist-musicians whose brilliance extended beyond their craft. The underlying spirit of unity, which permeates every moment spent with the team, and the overflowing exuberance during their performances spoke to the shared consciousness that we all know music can bring.

Cakewalk Into Town ft. Taj Mahal | Playing For Change Band | Live in Byron Bay

I'd Rather Go Blind | Playing For Change | Live in Australia


In essence, the 2015 Byron Bay Bluesfest was a beautiful convergence of peace-loving souls. Music became the vehicle. The festival's celebration of togetherness seemed to transcend time and space, leaving many with an everlasting impression of interconnectedness.

P3310127 BEST MSTR

One Love,
William Aura


Watch this special member exclusive video of the Playing For Change Band and honorary member, The Ambassador of Soul Ellis Hall, as they perform a moving rendition of the song that started it all, "Stand By Me."

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