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With My Own Two Hands | Song Around The World

About this Video

“With My Own Two Hands,” by Ben Harper, is part of a partnership with the international anti-poverty NGO, ATD Fourth World, and their #StopPoverty campaign.

Wherever men and women are condemned to live in poverty, human rights are violated - but together, with our own two hands, we can build a world without poverty.

We hope you enjoy the video and that you’ll join all of us around the world commemorating October 17, 2017: The 30th World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty. Find out more at: atdfw.org/pfc

Written By: Ben Harper

Waayu Hawa: Acoustic guitar
Aron Mendoza: Acoustic guitar
Camila Silva: Cavaquinho
Seth Lavi Senp: Electric bass
Chris Pierce (War & Pierce): Vocals
Sunny War (War & Pierce): Vocals and acoustic guitar
Guga Machado: Bongos
Jean-Francois Gay: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Ayiiti: Vocals
Chantale Urbain: Accordion
Mel Semé: Vocals
Rajeev Shrestha: Sitar
Massa Dembelé: Kora
Yennega Boys: Horns
Rameshwor Maharjan: Madal
Z Allas (Zoungrana Lassane): Vocals and acoustic guitar
Ahmed Kaboré (ATD Burkina Group): Vocals
Jahnai Naba Jahwambuga (ATD Burkina Group): Vocals
Sanjay Shrestha: Electric guitar
Pawòl Tanbou: Percussion
Orchestre Confluences: Strings
Adrian Buono (Los Pinguos): Vocals and acoustic guitar
Jose Agoté (Los Pinguos): Vocals and acoustic guitar
Minstrels of Hope: Choir

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