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When the Music Comes Around | Playing For Change Band | Live in Goiânia

About this Video

We hope you enjoy this performance of the Playing For Change Band performing their original song, "When the Music Comes Around," live in Goiânia, Brazil, during their 2018 tour.

Sing it with us, "No one can bring me down, when the music comes around..."

Written By Robin Moxey, Mermans Mosengo and Mark Johnson

Mermans Mosengo: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Titi Tsira: Vocals
Roberto Luti: Electric guitar
Robin Moxey: Electric guitar
Keiko Komaki: Keyboard
Claire Finley: Electric bass
Chantz Powell: Trumpet and Vocals
Mathieu “Mateo”Aupitre: Saxophone
Louis Mhlanga: Electric guitar
Ehssan Karimi: Drums

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