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Twist and Shout | Song Around The World (Member Exclusive)

About this Video

Check out this exclusive Song Around The World of "Twist and Shout," originally recorded by the Top Notes in 1961 but made famous by The Isley Brothers in 1962. The song has also been recorded by several other artists including: The Beatles, The Who, and Ike & Tina Turner. Put on your dancing shoes and let this PFC version help you dance away the blues.

Written By: Bert Russell and Phil Medley

Clarence Bekker: Vocals
Fefe Lee: Vocals and Electric guitar
Bobby MacIntyre: Drums
Claudiomor Lima: Cavaquinho
James Calegari: Tambourine
Kezia Nell: Vocals
Knojeh Daniel: Saxophone
Alex Posada: Electric bass

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