Great tribute. Captured the essence of The Man.

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Stir It Up | Afro Fiesta feat. Carlton "Santa" Davis & Fully Fullwood Tribute to Bob Marley | Mark's Park

About this Video

Let the music stir your soul with this special Afro Fiesta and Friends Mark’s Park performance of Bob Marley’s 1973 classic, “Stir It Up,” from the album Catch a Fire.

Join Mermans Mosengo, Jason Tamba, Carlton “Santa” Davis, Fully Fullwood and John McKnight as they honor Bob Marley's birthday with this electrifying rendition. Let's remember the timeless messages of love and unity that Bob Marley championed throughout his life that continues to impact generations around the world. One Love!

Written by Bob Marley

Carlton “Santa” Davis- Drums
Jason Tamba- Vocals, Guitar
John McKnight- Keyboard
Fully Fullwood- Bass
Mermans Mosengo- Vocals, Guitar

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