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"Playing For Change" feat. Sara Bareilles, Chris Pierce & PFC Band | Song Around The World

About this Video

“Playing For Change” is an original song written by our dear friend, GRAMMY award-winning singer/songwriter, Sara Bareilles and features Chris Pierce, the PFC Band and musicians from six countries.

This Song Around The World, featured at Peace Through Music 2021, embodies the Playing For Change movement to inspire and connect the world through music. Together we can overcome distances and differences.

We hope that you are inspired to “Keep playing for love; playing for peace; playing for change.”

Written By: Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles: Vocals
Chris Pierce: Vocals
Divine Leader: Dancer
Robin Moxey (PFC Band): Guitar
Keiko Komaki (PFC Band): Keys
Jason Tamba (PFC Band): Guitar
Mermans Mosengo (PFC Band): Cajon, Vocals
Ehssan Karimi (PFC Band): Hang
Claire Finley (PFC Band): Bass
Courtney Diedrick (PFC Band): Drums
Abel Mafuleni: Marimba
Roselyn Williams: Vocals
Sherieta Lewis: Vocals
Renato Borghetti: Accordion
Roberto Luti (PFC Band): Guitar

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