I wonder if John imagined people from all over our world singing this together like you have done



Beautifully done

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Imagine (John Lennon) | Song Around The World

About this Video

In the beginning of 2010 the Playing For Change crew began work on a new Song Around the World, John Lennon's "Imagine." It has been an amazing year of production, taking the crew from the favelas of Brazil to the shrines of southern India, from villages in Nepal to the glittering urban landscape of Tokyo and New York, and beyond. This song is the Playing For Change Foundation's gift to the world. The Playing For Change Foundation feels honored to have the blessing and generous support of Yoko Ono as music lovers around the world join together to launch the Power to the People campaign. The campaign seeks to advance John Lennon's vision of peace by engaging artists and audiences to contribute to music education programs worldwide. Proceeds raised will help build music schools, support teachers and music programs, purchase instruments, and connect schools for cross-cultural learning and conflict resolution across borders. Music IS the power: Power to the People. To learn more about the PFC Foundation, the schools they are building, the lives they are touching, and how you can participate, please visit the Playing For Change Foundation at http://www.playingforchange.org.

Written By: John Lennon

Clarence Bekker: Vocals
Grandpa Elliott: Harmonica
Noel Scharjris: Vocals
Pandit Janardan Mitta: Sitar
Rajhesh Vaidhya: Veena
Fernando Vidal: Electric guitar
Cheche Alara: Keyboard
Reinaldo Popó: Cavaquinho
Binho: Congas
Yu Hatakeyama: Udu
James Gadson: Drums
Pretinho da Serrinha: Pandeiro
R. Selvaraj: Upright bass
Gingger Shankar: Double violin
Ijeoma Njaka: Vocals
Rubin Shrestha: Flute
Tamika McClellan: Vocals
Raju Maharjan: Tablas
Cicinho De Assis: Accordion
John Lennon: Vocals

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