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Hasta la Raíz | Song Across Latin America

About this Video

We are proud to share our new video of the song “Hasta la Raíz,” by Natalia Lafourcade and Leonel García, and recorded during pandemic times to send a message to the relatives of missing people in Latin America: You are not alone in the search of your loved ones. This is a joint project by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Playing For Change in honor of the International Day of the Disappeared. This video features nine Latin American countries and more than 15 musicians including singers such as Leon Gieco (Argentina) and Susana Baca (Peru). Also included are a group of extraordinary musicians who play several Latin American instruments: the accordion king from Colombia, Garifuna drums from Honduras, cavaquinhos from Brazil, guitars from El Salvador, cajon from Peru, and the Guatemalan National Symphony Orchestra.

In Latin America, each day dozens of people disappear for diverse causes related to armed conflicts, violence, migration, natural disasters, among others. Some of their families have had no news of their missing loved ones for more than 20 years. Together, and through music, we would like to express our solidarity to those who are facing the profound and universal feeling of losing a loved one. The families of missing people will not stop searching, despite pandemics or other adversities, nor will we stop helping them.

We would like to thank León Gieco, Susana Baca, Silvana Estrada, Nanan, MishCatt, Daniel Rucks, Mateo Sorto, Gerardo Carrillo, Chico Botosso, Franco Carzedda, José Agote and Adrián Buono (Los Pinguos), Twanguero, Oscar Huaranga, Jorge Garcia (Tambor Negro), Julián Mojica and the Guatemalan National Symphony Orchestra for their generous contribution to this video. León Gieco participates thanks to the courtesy of Universal Music Argentina, S.A.




Written by: Natalia Lafourcade and Leonel García

Adrian Buono: Acoustic guitar
Daniel Rucks: Acoustic guitar
Diego García (Twanguero): Electric guitar
Chico Botosso: Cavaquiño
Gerardo Carrillo: Bass
Gustavo Santaolalla: Vocals and ronroco
Franco Carzedda: Percussion
Jorge Garcia (Tambor Negro): percussion
Jose Agote: Acoustic guitar
Julián Mojica: Accordion
Leon Gieco: Vocals and harmonica
Mateo Sorto: Acoustic guitar
Michelle Gonzalez (MishCatt): Vocals
Nanan (Renan Zanatta): Vocals
Nidia Gongora: Vocals
Orquesta Nacional Sinfónica de Guatemala: Orchestra
Oscar Huaranga: Cajon
Silvana Estrada: Vocals
Susana Baca: Vocals

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