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Grandma’s Hands | Kori Withers and Friends | Live Outside

About this Video

In celebration of Bill Withers' birthday, we invite you to experience music that will ignite your soul with this amazing, heartfelt Live Outside performance at Mark’s Park by Kori Withers and Friends, in a tribute to her father, performing a rendition of his beloved classic, "Grandma's Hands." Kori’s connection to the song is palpable, carrying the legacy and spirit of her father's music with grace and power.

“Grandma’s Hands” is an ode to Bill Withers’ grandmother, Lula Carter Galloway. This story of gratitude and shared memories is now told in a beautifully illustrated children’s book, painted by multiple award-winning artist R. Gregory Christie and published by Joel Harper’s Freedom Three Publishing in collaboration with the Withers Family’s Mattie Music Group. The book will debut on August 15, 2023, and is available for pre-order now at: The Playing For Change Official Store.

"Bill Withers' song “Grandma's Hands” is a poignant tribute to the nurturing presence of his grandmother during his childhood. We wanted to create a visual story that could share that same message with children today." —Joel Harper, Founder of Freedom Three Publishing

Written by Bill Withers

Kori Withers- Vocals
Alana Alberg- Bass
Chris Pierce- Vocals
David Leach- Percussion
Deron Johnson- Keyboard
Rock Deadrick- Drums
Sam Meek- Guitar

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