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Fumaza | The Los Pinguos Band | Live Outside

About this Video

We are happy to share this beautiful video of the band Los Pinguos, performing their song "Fumaza," live outside on a boat in Marina del Rey, CA. We first met Los Pinguos as they were performing on the Santa Monica promenade and recorded them for our very first documentary featuring street musicians across the USA. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the band plays a mixture of Latin rhythms such as cumbia and rumba along with tango, gypsy and rock influences. Put on your dancing shoes, forget about your troubles, and let the music carry you away.

Written By: Adrian Buono and Jose Agote

Adrian Buono: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Jose Agote: Acoustic guitar
Fefe Lee: Electric bass and vocals
Pablo Hopenhayn: Violin
Juan Manuel Leguizamon: Cajon and vocals
Juan Manzur: Tres

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