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Feliz Navidad | Grandpa Elliott Tribute

About this Video

Celebrate the season of togetherness with this special holiday tribute in memory of our beloved Grandpa Elliott. Enjoy the soulful sounds of Grandpa singing the classic “Feliz Navidad” and join us in remembering his impactful journey from singing on the streets of New Orleans for 65 years, to joining the PFC Band in 2009 and performing in over 25 countries around the world!

Grandpa Elliott’s amazing authenticity, passion for music and joyful spirit captivated the hearts of the people. May his memory and music continue to uplift us as he sings with the angels.

Let’s all try a little harder, care more than we do about each other and honor him by giving love and joy to everybody we meet, the way Grandpa did for all of us. — Mark Johnson, PFC co-founder

Written by José Feliciano

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