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Congo to the Mississippi | Playing For Change Band | Live in Australia

About this Video

Get ready to experience the magic of music as the PFC Band takes you on a rhythmic journey from the “Congo to the Mississippi” with their electrifying performance at Max Watts in Sydney Australia.

The Peace Through Music Tour never ends as the PFC Band unites again to kick off their Japan tour April 15, 2023 with Billboard Live performances in Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohoma, with special guests Char, Miho Fukuhara, Kotaro Oshio and Ichika Nito. This will be the band’s first tour without our beloved Grandpa Elliott but his spirit will live through the music forever!

For more information about the tour, visit: http://www.billboard-live.com/
Join as a member to follow the behind the scenes journey: https://www.playingforchange.com/join

Written by: Mermans Mosengo and Greg Johnson

Chantz Powell: Trumpet
Courtney “Bam” Diedrick: Drums
Claire Finley: Bass, Vocals
Davo Fester: Congas
Grandpa Elliott- Vocals
Jason Tamba: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Keiko Komaki: Keyboard
Mathieu “Mateo” Aupitre: Saxophone
Mermans Mosengo: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Robin Moxey: Electric Guitar, Vocals
Roberto Luti: Slide Guitar
Titi Tsira: Vocals
Tula Ben Ari: Vocals, Tambourine

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