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Bring It On Home To Me | Song Around The World

About this Video

This is the final PFC Song Around The World featuring both Roger Ridley and Grandpa Elliott together and serves as a tribute to them both for all the love and talent they have shared with everyone who’s ever passed them by on the streets. I remember asking Roger Ridley, “Why with a voice like yours are you playing music on the street?” He replied, “Man I’m in the joy business, I come out to be with the people.” Check out the amazing vocals of Roger’s sister, Alice Tan Ridley, recorded live in Harlem, NYC, as she sings her final song with her brother. RIP Roger, you live through the good we all create together in this world.

One Love,

Mark Johnson, Co-Founder of PFC

Written By:

Roger Ridley: Vocals and acoustic guitar
James Gadson: Drums
Tony (Eiji) Hayashi: Piano
Reggie McBride: Electric bass
Roberto Luti: Resonator steel guitar
Sassi Di Matera Strings: Strings
Grandpa Elliott: Vocals
Char: Acoustic guitar
Alice Tan Ridley: New York City, New York
Israel Figueredo (Havana Horns): Clarinet
Juan Carlos Marín (Havana Horns): Trombone
Julio Padrón (Havana Horns): Trumpet
Carlos Miyares (Havana Horns): Tenor Saxophone
Karl Denson: Alto Saxophone

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