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Babylon | Los Pinguos | Playing For Change Records

About this Video

“Babylon” is the first single from Los Pinguos' new album Hummingbird, available now! The song features Mermans Mosengo from the Playing For Change Band on vocals and Sherieta Lewis and Roselyn Williams from Damian Marley's band on harmony vocals. It’s a song that bridges the gap between roots reggae and a contemporary Latin sound. Sang in English and Spanish, the song has a strong and powerful message that speaks to the times we are living through.

Written By: Adrian Buono and José Agote

Adrian Buono: Vocals and guitars
José Agote: vocals and guitars
Pablo Medina: Accordion and keyboards
Maga Shukar: Backing Vocals
Daniel Berceruelo: Backing Vocals
Whynot Jansveld: Electric bass
Brian Griffin: Drums and percussion
Mermans Mosengo: Vocals
Lyndsay Haldorson: Backing vocals
J. Marie Jones: Backing vocals
Roselyn Williams: Backing vocals
Sherieta Lewis: Backing vocals
Arturo Solar: Trumpet
Bob Laurence: Trombone
Aníbal Seminario: Saxophone
Luis Eric González: Horn arrangements

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