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All the Way from Africa | Keturah | Mark’s Park

About this Video

Take a musical journey to Malawi, Africa with Keturah, performing her single “All the Way from Africa,” live outside at Mark’s Park. Let the sweet melodies and passion of Keturah’s vocals transport and inspire you to experience the country’s beauty for yourself.

Pre-order Keturah's self-titled album, available worldwide May 19, 2023, here: https://keturahlocalgirl.bandcamp.com/album/keturah

A portion of the proceeds from Mark's Park will benefit the Jacaranda Foundation:

Written by Keturah, Jason Tamba and Harlan Steinberger

Keturah: Vocals
Mermans Mosengo: Drums
Jason Tamba: Acoustic guitar
Kaveh Rastegar: Bass
Magatte Sow: Conga

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