Raúl Tolingas


Raul Fernandes Da Fonseca, known artistically as Raúl Tolingas, is an Angolan multi-instrumentalist born in Luanda, Bairro Marçal, on June 10, 1954. He was a former member of the “Agrupamento Kissanguela.” Kissanguela is an Angolan musical group formed in 1974, a year before National Independence, by the cultural section of the JMPLA with the prospect of becoming its cultural arm. Its main objective was to serve as a vehicle for the transmission of MPLA guidelines and policy strategy. The group brought together several singers and composers, following the closure of the main recording studios.

The political-cultural group died out in 1981 (Kissanguela, in the national language Kimbundu means socialization and equitable distribution of means). Raul still lives in Luanda, Bairro Marçal, where PFC met him in 2022 during our trip in Angola. He's still actively performing in local clubs and always remains close to his community.

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