Hugo Soares Portrait

Hugo Soares

Luanda, Angola

Hugo Soares was born in Luanda (Angola) in 1974. He was raised in Brazil and Argentina after his family emigrated from Angola because of the war. A composer, guitarist, and singer, his music fuses deep African roots with Brazilian influences. Hugo has lived in Barcelona since 1993 where he became friends with Clarence. The two of them used to play soul, reggae, and African songs (including Pemba Laka) together in bars and in the streets of Barcelona. Hugo's voice is one of the sweetest voices on earth-- a great mix of joy and nostalgia.

Hugo about "Pemba Laka":

Since I left Luanda (Angola), I always have memories in my mind and heart. With the passing of time memories became my connection with my culture and roots. Pemba Laka was one of the sounds from my childhood. I added a few chords to it and people around me were really liking the vibe of the song. One day I played the song to Mark Johnson and today I'm honored to share with the world this great production by Playing For Change. Thanks to all and to the audience to make it possible thanks to your interest. One love.

Hugo Soares

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