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Kotaro Oshio was born in Osaka, Japan on February 1st, 1968. While there are many solo guitar players who play nylon-string guitar, Oshio took the challenge of mastering a steel-string acoustic guitar in a highly unique style. It was Oshio’s strong desire to bring out the maximum capacity of an acoustic guitar that impelled him to boldly employ various techniques such as open tuning and tapping.

Oshio's astonishing technique enhances his lyrical interpretations, from the whimsical to the bittersweet; he brings science and poetry into perfect harmony. Oshio not only performs self-penned original tunes, but he also covers great music of various genres, from movie and animation themes to nursery rhymes and school songs.

"Kotaro Oshio, DEPAPEPE and Aoi Sakyama - Guitar Session (Cyborg ~ ONE ~ May Rain) / The Home Take"

It was in December 1999 that Oshio recorded an album on his own as an indie effort. The album gradually caught people’s ears in the Osaka area, leading him to release his second indie album in March 2001. “Blue sky,” from the second album, was selected as the theme music for a TV talk show, and his music was introduced to the general public on various TV/radio programs and magazines.

Kotaro Oshio - Blue Sky

Oshio also made a stunning debut at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in July 2002. In the same month, Oshio released his first major-label album Starting Point.

Check out the full playlist for Starting Point!

While constantly keeping himself busy with live dates all over Japan, the second album Dramatic was released in June 2003. Living up to everyone's expectation, Dramatic debuted on the national sales chart at #24.

Dramatic further showcases Oshio's creativity as a songwriter, and also his rendition of the famous classical pieces "Canon" and "Bolero," the latter of which was later placed in the soundbed of the TV campaign for a revitalizing drink in Japan.

After another Japan tour and various collaborations with other musicians, Oshio's third album Be Happy hit the streets in June, 2004.

Kotaro Oshio "My Guitar, My Life" (Music Video)

Check out Kotaro Oshio’s new 20th Anniversary album My Guitar, My Life.

Check it out here

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