Vusi was the first South African musician whose music I fell in love with. More Vusi!

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When You Come Back | Playing For Change Band Live featuring Vusi Mahlasela

About this Video

We are proud to share a video featuring the Playing For Change Band and Vusi Mahlasela rehearsing for their 2009 Glastonbury Festival performance in England. Enjoy this live version of Vusi's original song, "When You Come Back," taken from his debut album of the same name. Get ready to dance your troubles away!

Written By: Vusi Mahlasela

Vusi Mahlasela: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Clarence Bekker: Vocals
Tula Ben Ari: Vocals
Reggie McBride: Electric bass
Roberto Luti: Electric guitar
Peter Bunetta: Drums
Jason Tamba: Acoustic guitar
Mermans Mosengo: Percussion
Grandpa Elliott: Vocals
Mohammed Alidu: Talking drums
Francois Viguie: Bongos

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