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United | Song Around The World

About this Video

In 2011, Playing For Change joined forces with the United Nations Population Fund and the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund for UNPF's 7 Billion Actions campaign. By the end of that year, the world population reached 7 billion, and this global campaign strove to bring awareness to the opportunities and challenges that the population growth would present. 7 billion people means 7 billion hearts, and music has always been the best way to speak to the hearts of the people. We traveled across the globe, put headphones on musicians, added them to the track, and created "United," which serves as a tangible example of something positive we can all do together as a human race.

Lyrics and chords

Sheet music

Written By: Enzo Buono

Jason Tamba: Acoustic guitar and vocals
Mermans Mosengo: Vocals
Renard Poché: Acoustic guitar
Mazsi: Watercane
Benicio Torres Reyes: Maracas
Daryl Simpson: Piano
Jie Ma: Pipa
Wootchai Punyamao: Thai Drum
Grandpa Elliott: Harmonica
Andrew Valdez: Vocals
Ian Langton: Electric bass
Jacqueline Fuentes: Vocals
Mountaga Sissoko: Ngoni
Greg Ellis: Drums
Passakorn Matura: Hammered dulcimer
Omagh Community Youth Choir: Vocals
Mendelssohn Chamber Players: String quartet
Tula Ben Ari: Vocals
Avnee Mithaiwala: Vocals
Lákatos Mónica: Vocals
Dina El Wedidi: Vocals
Mama Kone: Calabash
Habib Koite: Electric guitar
Ahmed Hassan: Cello
Mahamadou Diabaté: Calabash

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