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The Times They Are A-Changin' | Peace Through Music

About this Video

Written more than 50 years ago, the Bob Dylan classic "The Times They Are A-Changin'" is as relevant today as it was then. We invite you to enjoy this touching rendition performed by Brandi Carlile along with Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) from our recent event, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the UN, Peace Through Music.

Change is inevitable. It's up to us to create change that uplifts, change that betters ourselves and humankind, and change that is for the good and for the love of everyone. Let's stand strong, united in one love, and be the positive change we want to see in the world.

Brandi Carlile: vocals and acoustic guitar
Mike McCready (Pearl Jam): vocals and electric guitar
Phil Hanseroth: vocals and acoustic guitar
Tim Hanseroth: vocals and acoustic guitar

Additional Credits:
EP: Laura Glass
Director: Jacob Stone
Editor: Richard Kilpatrick
Producer: Lindsay Martin
Creative Director: Catherine Carlile
Lighting Designer: Joe Cole
Camera Operators: Brad Nelson, Amber Giacone, Chris Millar
Jib Operator: Chase Jensen
Video Engineer: John Meloy
Video Projectionist: Jerry Dahlberg
Video Technician: Keenan Hansen
Sr. Audio Engineer: Sean Quackenbush
Production Coordinator: Vi Pham
Executive Assistant Mike McCready: Chris Adams
Guitar Tech. Mike McCready: Neil Hundt
Head Audio: Jesse Turner
HMU: Tiffany Hanseroth
HR Safety Manager: Misty Stevens
Photographer: Jim Bennett
Programming: Debra Heesch
Electricians: Anneka Kielman, Tim Semakula
Rigger: Andy Venegas
Set Medic and CCO: Kris Hampton
Theater Manager: Steven Martin
Production Assistants: Lauren Munselle, Donovon O'Neill, Jay Kim, Audrey Delarosa
Security: Mason Sherry, Terran Patterson

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