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The River | Citizen Cope (members only version)

About this Video

We invite you, our members, to indulge in this special live outside performance by Citizen Cope. "The River" is a thought provoking song featured on Cope's album Heroin & Helicopters that illuminates the division of humankind brought on by the ruling few through cultural, racial, economic, and religious lines. As Cope told Billboard, "I think everybody feels like there are elements in this world that are not so fuzzy and warm, and we see the harshness in the reality of life. Life is not an easy thing, but we need to look for a commonality of love and empathy that can conquer even the worse situations."

We hope this song empowers you to be the light when there's darkness. And through love, we will conquer hate.

Written and performed by Citizen Cope (Vocals and acoustic guitar)

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