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Seeds of Freedom feat. Manu Chao | Song Around The World

About this Video

We are proud to share with all of you our first new Song Around The World of 2019, "Seeds of Freedom," by Manu Chao. We started filming and recording him playing guitar and singing in a garden in Barcelona, Spain, and then we added musicians around the world to enhance the universal message of the song. In any language, THE TIME HAS COME TO UNITE AS A HUMAN RACE.

"Seeds of Freedom"
Gardens of hope growing slowly
Last chance to save humanity
Be ready, be ready
Seeds of freedom
Time has come
Seeds of freedom
Life will overcome
- Manu Chao

Lyrics and chords

Written By: Manu Chao

Al Harban Brothers: Percussion
Bakithi Kumalo: Electric Bass
Courtney "Bam" Diedrick: Drums
Elton "Elly B" Brown: Electric Guitar
Lopaka Colon Jr.: Djembe
Manu Chao: Vocals and acoustic Guitar
Peter Moon: Ukulele
Rising Appalachia: Vocals and banjo
Surendra Shrestha: Tabla
Waayu: Acoustic guitar

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