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Satchita | Song Around The World

About this Video

This original Song Around The World takes us on a musical journey from Brazil to India. Get ready to smile, dance, and feel the love of the world uniting through the power of music.

Satchita is featured on our CD/DVD, PFC 2. Please share this video with everyone you know, and together we will change the world one song and one heart at a time!!

Translated Lyrics:

I pray to God that men are lost in your footsteps

And that dreams awaken these dormant eyes

That love overflows and we live in peace

The days end with tired arms and that luck just wants to be by your side.

And that pain will not haunt you or cause you despair, I pray to God

Primordial sound that which is formless, omnipresent, Pure Consciousness

Manifesting in love and divine bliss,

Supreme creator beyond space and time, Supreme soul guiding mankind,

Supreme inner energy that manifests as all powerful mother nature along

With the unchanging and constant father

I submit and submerge myself, I become one with.

I pray to God.

Send us from heaven much wisdom and true love.

That no one goes hungry. A hug from his arms to live in Peace ending wars

And poverty.

Find joy from sadness and that light illuminates the lost souls towards a

Better future.

Lyrics and Chords

Written By: Enzo Buono and Carolina Farias

Sandra de Sá: Vocals
Pretinho da Serrinha: Pandeiro
Waltis Zacarias: Surdu drum
Binho: Xequere (Shaker)
Reinaldo Popó: Cavaquinho
Enzo Buono: Acoutic Guitar & vocals
Adrian Buono: Acoustic guitar & vocals
Noel Scharjris: Vocals
Courtney “Bam” Diedrick: Drums
Ilo Ferreira: Vocals
Rigoberto López: Electric bass
Cicinho de Assis: Accordion
Saindhavi: Vocals
R. Shruti: Vocals
Afro Reggae Choir: Vocals
Afro Reggae Drum Group: Drums
Martinho da Cuica: Cuica
Luis Conte: Bongos
Pt. Janardan Mitta: Sitar
Niño Josele: Acoustic guitar

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