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Playing For Change Band on the Road: United World Tour 2016

About this Video

The Playing For Change Band had an incredible tour across Italy, Switzerland and Lebanon in 2016, and would like to give you a backstage pass to join them on their journey. Thank you to everyone who helped make our United World Tour a reality and huge success!

Jason Tamba: Vocals and acoustic/electric guitar
Clarence Bekker: Vocals
Mohammed Alidu: Vocals and percussion
Roberto Luti: Electric guitar
Mathieu “Mateo” Aupitre: Saxophone
Tula Ben Ari: Vocals
Juan Carlos Portillo: Electric bass
Pablo Correa: Drums
Titi Tsira: Vocals
Keiko Komaki: Keyboards
Tarek Ayoubi: Acoustic guitar
Nikola Hakim: Djembe
Mark Johnson: PFC Co-Founder

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