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Playing For Change Band Live at Showlivre

About this Video

Playing For Change Band Live at Showlivre showcases the band's in-studio performance in São Paulo, Brazil in 2018. Featuring classic songs such as "Fannie Mae," "Back to Your Roots," "Pata Pata," and "When the Music Comes Around."

Featured Songs:

“Fannie Mae” written by Clarence L Lewis, Morris Levy and Waymon Glasco
“Pata Pata” written by written by Dorothy Manyando Masuka
*Also includes excerpts from “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by written by George David Weiss,
Hugo E Peretti, Luigi Creatore and Solomon Linda; and Sebaka Nyana as performed by
“Cora” written by Mermans Mosengo
“Right Foot Forward” written by Robin Moxey
“Back to Your Roots” written by Mermans Mosengo
“When the Music Comes Around” written by Robin Moxey, Mermans Mosengo and Mark Johnson
“Run” written by Claire Finley, Jason Lamson and Robin Moxey
“Congo to the Mississippi” written by Mermans Mosengo and Greg Johnson
“A Change Is Gonna Come” written by Sam Cooke (Live in Australia)
“Yahamba” written by Titi Tsira (Live in Australia)

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