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PFC Partners with the ICRC for the International Day Of The Disappeared | Preview

About this Video

Thousands of people go missing around the world each year for various reasons including armed conflict, violence, natural disasters, and on the migration route. As a tribute to the families looking for loved ones, the ICRC teamed up with Playing For Change to produce an impactful Song Around The World with more than 40 musicians spanning across five continents. The campaign aims to highlight the importance of supporting search efforts and ensuring that families looking for their loved ones get the answers that they need.

Join us August 30th in honor of the International Day of the Disappeared for the world premiere of the PFC Song Around The World, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," and to stand in solidarity with the families of missing loved ones, using the power of music to unite hearts around the world. #TheSearchDoesntStop

Time does not heal, only answers do.

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