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No Cure | Zoe's Shanghai | Live Outside

About this Video

We invite you to enjoy the soulful sounds of Zoe’s Shanghai performing their original song “No Cure” live outside in Barcelona. Led by vocalist and guitarist Zoé, the band features Alex on bass, Emerik on keys, and Landy on drums, who combine their unique perspectives to create a genre that's all their own.

"No Cure," the second song ever written by Zoé, explores a romantic relationship that took her on a journey of personal growth and transformation. Evolving each time the band releases, records, or performs it, this song is a reflection of life's journey and how we must embrace its lessons.

Turn it up and let the music help set you free.

Written By: Zoe Renie Harris

Alex: Bass
Emeri: Keys
Landy: Drums
Zoé Renie Harris: Vocals and electric guitar

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