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Miiry | Salif Diarra | Live Outside

About this Video

We're happy to share a Live Outside performance that's dedicated to all women around the world. Thank you for your unwavering love, support and sacrifices–you are our heroes.

Salif Diarra is joined by Angel Farmache for this performance of "Miiry," an original song about thinking positively so that you will attract good things. "I had a complicated time with my family when I wrote this song, and I used to see my mom sitting and thinking about our future, worried about her children. And I used to tell her, you have to keep the hope to get ahead and we’ll be fine," says Salif.

Share your love and this song with all the special women in your life and let's continue to uplift them each and every day!

Written By: Salif Diarra

Salif Diarra: Vocals and kora
Angel Farmache: Acoustic guitar

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