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Mark's Park EP8: World Music Night feat. Playing For Change Band

About this Video

Welcome to our eighth episode of Mark’s Park, “World Music Night,” featuring the Playing For Change Band. Feel the global rhythm, love and energy in the air with this special performance live outside in Venice Beach, California. The PFC Band is a unique fusion of musical talents and cultures that represent Playing For Change’s mission to connect the world through music.

Join us from Mark's home to yours, and enjoy this melodic cornucopia that is sure to delight hearts around the world. One Love!

Mark’s Park is filmed in front of a live audience in PFC co-founder/producer Mark Johnson's backyard in Venice Beach, California. This series brings together the diverse group of people, who call Venice Beach home, in an effort to connect the world through music. A portion of the proceeds from Mark's Park will benefit the Playing For Change Foundation—an international nonprofit organization, operating 15 music programs in 11 countries, established to create positive change through music and arts education.


"Pass It On"
"Right Foot Forward"
"Music is My Ammunition"
"Stand By Me"

Claire Finley: Bass, Vocals
Clarence Bekker: Vocals
Courtney Diedrick: Drums
Jason Tamba: Electric guitar, Vocals
Keiko Komaki: Keyboards
Mermans Mosengo: Djembe, Vocals
Robin Moxey: Guitar, Vocals
Roselyn Williams: Vocals
Sherieta Lewis: Vocals

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