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Mark's Park EP11: An Evening with Prince Diabaté

About this Video

Welcome to our eleventh episode of Mark’s Park, "An Evening with Prince Diabaté.” We invite you to enjoy this beautiful night of music from the West African nation of Guinea, featuring kora master Prince Diabaté and his band.

Prince Diabaté brings not only total mastery over his ancestral tradition, but a commitment to renew it through fresh ideas and exchanges with musicians from many cultures.

Mark’s Park is filmed in front of a live audience in PFC co-founder/producer Mark Johnson's backyard in Venice Beach, California. This series brings together the diverse group of people, who call Venice Beach home, in an effort to connect the world through music. A portion of the proceeds from Mark's Park will benefit the Playing For Change Foundation—an international nonprofit organization, operating 17 music programs in 13 countries, established to create positive change through music and arts education.

Join us from Mark's home to yours, and let the rhythmic feels of the kora connect you to the sounds of West Africa.

0.00- “Sam Sinayoko”
3:26- “Nafa”
9:13- “Faso”
17:45- “Kiridi” 
21:02- “Baraka”

Songs written & arranged by Prince Diabaté

Prince Diabaté: Vocals, Kora, Kamelen n'goni
Edouard Diabaté: Acoustic guitar
Jason Hann: Percussion

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