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Maasai | Jason Tamba

About this Video

“Maasai,” the debut single from Jason Tamba’s forthcoming album, "Don’t Give Up," is a beautiful reflective song from the heart of Africa to the hearts of the people.

"In this song, I am painting my childhood in the Congo as a shepherd, living a life similar to the pastoral tribesmen of the Maasai from East Africa." — Jason Tamba

The sentiment and energy of this track is soul-stirring and harkens to a time of innocence.

About Jason Tamba:

Born in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jason has been playing guitar since age seven, when he made his own instrument out of wood and four strings. He pursued his musical aspirations, culminating in earning a degree in classical guitar, some years later.

Jason became a singer, songwriter and guitarist for the pioneering afro/latin/reggae group, Afro Fiesta, and lead singer, guitarist and touring performer in the Playing For Change Band, with whom he has traveled to over 63 countries globally spreading a musical message of hope and unity. Notably, he has participated in some of Playing For Change's most popular Songs Around The World videos and has been seen by over 300 million people internationally.

We invite you to support this inspiring artist whose music transcends boundaries!

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