Nice to see you slide, Luke. Always great to see you on PFC, Roberto. Thanks!

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Lissa's Song | Luke Winslow-King & Roberto Luti | Live Outside

About this Video

We're proud to share this heartfelt performance from our dear friends Luke Winslow-King and Robert Luti. "Lissa's Song" is a musical tribute written by Luke and Roberto that honors the life of the late "Washboard" Lissa Driscoll, a New Orleans street singer and former wife of Roberto, who touched the lives of countless people through her one-of-a-kind country-blues renditions. Let this song remind us to cherish each and every day and to appreciate all the beauty life has to offer.

Written By: Luke Winslow-King & Roberto Luti

Luke Winslow-King: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Roberto Luti: Acoustic Guitar

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