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Lamuka | Christian Bakalanga | Live Outside

About this Video

This video is from our Live Outside series, recorded in Cape Town, South Africa.

Congolese musician Christian Bakalanga left his native country a few years ago in search of new opportunities and is now living in Cape Town. He has been playing lead guitar and singing backup vocals for Afro Fiesta since 2007, so we met him through his bandmates and PFC Band members Jason Tamba and Mermans Mosengo. He guided and helped us record music students at the Playing For Change Foundation’s Imvula Music School. During our time working together, we decided to take a break to record a song of his own, live outside. We went to the closest park in the area and set up our gear in front of the biggest tree we found. “Lamuka," which means "wake up" in Lingala, is a beautiful song Christian wrote to encourage people to actively pursue and achieve their dreams. We hope you enjoy the music!

Written and performed by: Christian Bakalanga (Vocals and acoustic guitar)

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