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La Tierra del Olvido | Song Across Colombia

About this Video

This video features over 75 musicians across the country of Colombia. Throughout our journey we have learned that music is the greatest tool for healing broken countries, cultures and hearts. With this video we set out to unite and inspire the people of Colombia so they can move forward from years of conflict and create a positive future. Listen to the music, see the smiling faces, and remember that we are going to make it as a human race!!La Tierra del Olvido was produced in partnership with the Americas Business Council Foundation (Natalia Mejia, Manuela Mejia and Fernando Rodriguez-Vila).

Written By: Carlos Vives

Alejandro Velásquez: Acoustic Guitar
Felipe Carmona: Harmonica
Stevenson Arnedo: Acoustic guitar
Andrew Valdez: Vocals
Benicio Torres Reyes: Bongo
Roy Rodriguez: Accordion
Toto La Momposina: Vocals
El Sexteto Tabalá and Las Alegres Ambulancias: Percussion and vocals
Tomás Teherán Salgado: Tambor Alegre
Jose "Paito" Valdez: Vocals
Liliana Saumet: Vocals
Carlos Vives: Vocals
Red de Escuela de Música: String quartet
Cecilia Caravallo: Vocals
Luis Towers: Vocals
Alex: Clarinet
Frank: Trumpet
Guapito: Saxophone
Juan Bandola: Cavaquinho
Santiago Torrents: Drums
Juan Carlos Victoria: Baby bass
Juancho Nieves y la tribu baraji: Gaitas
Tambores de Cabildo: Percussion
Angelita Jiménez: Quijada
Manuela Mejia: Vocals
Mario Naranjo: Marimba
Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil Batuta: Youth Orchestra

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