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International Women's Day: Celebrating 10 Years of Impact | Playing For Change Foundation

About this Video

This International Women's Day we want to celebrate the Mother's Society's 10 years of impact. For a decade they've been providing communities in Nepal with their life-saving, life-affirming message, educating the villages about the warning signs and techniques of traffickers and about the rights of women and children through the power of drama, music, and dance... They have been asked to bring their impactful program to farther reaches of the country, where the need is great but there is no access to this vital information.

According to Unicef, 12,000 children are trafficked to India from Nepal every year. Girls and young women are treated as a commodity. Women in Nepal face many challenges due to issues of inequality and injustice in society. Gender discrimination and gender-based violence are just some of the serious and widespread problems for women. Discover how lives are forever changed through your good support. This is what change looks like!

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