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Imidiwan Afrik Tendam | Playing For Change Band and Friends Live

About this Video

In the Summer of 2009 the Playing For Change Band headlined the World Stage at Glastonbury Festival. For that performance, the band was larger and more diverse than ever before, welcoming back Francois Viguie, Roberto Luti, and Stefano Tomaselli as well as special guests Tinariwen, the Omagh Community Youth Choir, Vusi Mahlasela, and more. The show served as a tangible reminder of what is possible when cultures come together through art and inspiration.

For the band, the crew, and the audience it was an unbelievably moving experience, and now we are thrilled to be able to share a bit of it with the world!

Written by: Ibrahim Ag Alhabib

Tinariwen: Vocals, electric guitar,
Omagh Community Youth Choir: Vocals
Clarence Bekker: Vocals
Tula Ben Ari: Vocals
Ibrahim Ig Alhabib: Vocals and electric guitar
Vusi Mahlasela: Acoustic guitar
Peter Bunetta: Drums
Reggie McBride: Electric bass
Grandpa Elliott: Vocals and harmonica
Mermans Mosengo: Vocals
Jason Tamba: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Roberto Luti: Resonator steel guitar
Francois Viguie: Bongos
Stefano Tomaselli: Saxophone

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