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Groove In G | Song Around The World

About this Video

We started this track in Bamako, Mali with a musical group named Tinariwen. We asked them to play a groove in the key of G, then as we traveled the world we added more musicians to the song. Over the course of our travels it transformed into a global jam with its roots in the blues.

Eyadou Ag Leche (Tinariwen): Electric bass & vocals
Ibrahim Ag Ahabib (Tinariwen): Electric guitar & vocals
Saïd Ag Ayad (Tinariwen): Djembe
Wounou Walet Sidati (Tinariwen): Vocals & claps
Niño Josele: Acoustic guitar
Rajhesh Vaidhya: Veena
Washboard Chaz: Washboard
D. Chandrajit: Tablas
Keb’ Mo’: Electric guitar
Seenu M.: Santoor
Grandpa Elliott: Harmonica
Pt. Janardan Mitta: Sitar
Hiromitsu Agatsuma: Shamisen
Felipe Carmona: Acoustic guitar
Mestre Berimbau: Berimbau
Yu Hatakeyama: Asalato
N. Subramanian: Ghatam (Clay Pot)

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