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Don't Worry Be Happy | Song Around The World

About this Video

This Song Around The World episode features children performing alongside PFC musicians on the Bobby McFerrin classic, "Don't Worry Be Happy." Perfect message and a great song.

Get ready to smile from ear to ear and move your dancing feet. Share this with your family, friends, and community, and together we can continue to make this world a better place!

Written By: Bobby McFerrin

Nadya: Violin
Shea: Violin
Emily: Violin
Lincoln: Violin
Jhayanna: Alfaia
Paulo Heman: Shekere
Mathieu “Mateo” Aupitre: Saxophone
Kaylah: Vocals
Indiana: Vocals
Destiny: Vocals
The Bizung School Choir: Vocals
Ridley: Vocals
Kate: Vocals
Stephen: Bongos
Guilherm: Cavaquinho
Joazinho: Conga
Sandino: Vocals
Neev: Vocals
Aidan: Vocals
Graham: Vocals
Mubarik: Electric bass
Halik: Balafon
Jalil: Talking drum
Valentina: Dancer
Lulu: Dancer
Xol: Vocals
Mel Seme: Vocals
Dennis: Snare Drum
V. Shri Harishankaran: Percussion
Shashwati: Flute
Ayushwati: Flute
Grupo Menihnos da Mangueira: Batucada

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